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Embroidery design converter box or a new embroidery machine?

To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the question!


You love to embroider. Have been downloading embroidery patterns and stitching them out on your perfectly working machine. Then, one day, upgraded your computer to a new Windows and… your hobby or business is put on hold.

Is it time to spend more money on a new embroidery machine because your old embroidery designs converter box and card no longer work with your computer? Not so fast!

If you are a happy owner of Brother, Baby Lock, Simplicity, Bernina Deco, Artista, Viking/Husqvarna or Pfaff embroidery machine, The Ultimate Box embroidery design converter is the most cost effective alternative to buying a new embroidery machine because your old Magic/Amazing box, PE Design, Palette or Deco Wizard embroidery design conversion software does not work under newer operating systems. The Ultimate box works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Emboxer allows it to be used directly on Apple MAC computers without a need for Parallels or Virtual PC.

Download embroidery patterns from the Internet or CD. Edit them or create new ones with the embroidery software you choose, such as any version of Embrilliance, Embird, Buzz Tools, PE Design, Melco etc. and save designs to the hard drive of your computer in any embroidery format. Open the Ultimate Box software, browse to your Designs Folder and write selected embroidery designs to the re-writable Ultimate card. You can automatically re-size your patterns down to hoop size of your machine with stitches recalculated using Ultimate box Plus program. Next, simply place the card into your embroidery machine and… Happy Sewing!