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Ultimate Box USB downloads

Note!!! These downloads are for Ultimate Box USB only and can NOT be used for the Ultimate Box with Serial port connection, click HERE to view available items for Ultimate Box with Serial port connection. 


Ultimate Explorer Version 1.04

Note! To install Ultimate Explorer Version 1.04 on your computer you must have a registration number that starts with UBxx-xxx-xxxx.

If you have an older software version and don’t have this registration number, please purchase Software Upgrade at

Attention Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users! Please, follow Windows 8-10 instructions below on disabling driver signature requirement before taking next installation steps.

Uninstall previous versions of Ultimate Box software. Make sure your box is connected to the computer.

Download and install Ultimate Box Software.

The following procedure will install Ultimate Box software on your computer and create a shortcut on your Windows desktop.

  1. Click on the link to download software on your computer:

Setup104UltimateBoxPlus.exe for Ultimate box Plus if the registration number starts with UBP10-xxx-xxxx


Setup104UltimateBox.exe for Ultimate box Basic if the registration number starts with UB10-xxx-xxxx,

        use RUN to start installation and RUN for Unknown Publisher Warning.

  1. To install Ultimate Box software, follow the onscreen installation  instructions  using NEXT button to go to the next screen, ACCEPT the  terms and click NEXT to proceed with installation, click Finish to on the last screen to finish and close installation window.


Follow these steps to register your Ultimate box:

  1. Open Ultimate Box software, on the first opening the software will show this screen below:



  1. Enter the registration number starts with UBP10-xxx-xxxx or UBP10-xxx-xxxx in all capitals and with the dashes
  2. After the Serial Password is entered, the Registration Screen will open up, please fill all the fields and click OK to register online your copy of the software.

Use S/N: from the back of the Ultimate Box to fill in the *Serial number from the Ultimate field.




Emboxer for MAC

Click here to download Emboxer software that operates Ultimate box on MAC computers


Windows 8-10 Instructions

  1. Download and print instructions on how to temporarily disable Driver signature enforcement for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
  2. Follow steps 1 through 8.
  3. Your computer will re-start and you may proceed with Ultimate box installation from a CD or download.

Make sure the Ultimate box is connected to your computer.



Windows 98, 2000, XP (older)

Download and save USBDriver.exe on your computer, double click to start WinZip Self Extractor, click on Unzip button to unzip files in C:\Ultimate_Box_USB_Driver folder.
Connect Ultimate Box to your computer via USB cable, check “Include this location” or “Specified location” in Add New Hardware dialog and use Browse button to point to “C:\Ultimate_Box_USB_Driver” folder, click Next to continue installation.


Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

1. Click on this link Download driver . When asked if you want to SAVE or RUN the file, choose RUN and then change the Location destination to your Desktop (or anywhere where you can easily find it).

  1. Go to your computers STARTbbutton and choose Control Panel.

Windows VISTA users 3. Switch to a “Classic View” and double-click on the System icon. Once in System, click on Hardware tab and press the Device Manager button.

Windows 7 users 3. Switch the “View” from “Categories” to”View Large Icons” just above the Control Panels 8 buttons. This option will present many more selections. Double-click on the Device Manager button.

  1. Make sure the Ultimate Box is plugged into an available USB port. You’ll see a vertical “tree” view of your hardware. Look for a Reader/Writer Box with either a yellow Question mark or a triangle warning sign.
  2. Right-click on the Reader/Writer Box and select the first item on the menu, Update Driver.
  3. Use the 2nd selection to point to the driver on your system and press Continue.
  4. Use Browsebutton to navigate to the folder where you’ve downloaded the driver and press Continue to install the driver, allowing it to install and continue.

The process will finish and the Green Light on the Ultimate Box should be lit.

This will conclude the Driver installation and your device is ready to be used by any software capable of using it, like Ultimate Explorer, Embird and others. Please keep in mind that Embird is a separate company from Vikant and they may have newer versions of their software available, but you shouldn’t have any trouble running the old version, as long the Operating System recognizes the Reader/Writer box, which this procedure accomplishes.

  1. Make sure Ultimate Explorer is closed.
  2. Right click on the Ultimate Explorer icon and select properties.
  3. Last tab should say “Compatibility”, click on it.
  4. Make sure that “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” is checked,
    “WINDOWS XP Service 3” (or whichever is highest) is selected from drop down box, click Apply, OK and try to open Ultimate Explorer again.



Click here to download Ultimate Box User Manual